Radan Dujakovic

He completed his secondary medical school, the physiotherapeutic technician in Doboj, Republic of Srpska. He finished high medical school in Prijedor and gained the title of an additional physiotherapist. Specialized studies for physiotherapists from the application of manual techniques finished in 2017.Year 2017.enrolled Master studies in sports medicine with physiotherapy at the University of Novi Sad.

Post graduate education and training:

    • ETGOM Cyriax Modern Orthopedic Medicine Courses (ETGOM Cyriax), A Concept,Belgrade, 2016.
    • Basic Course of Spinal Manipulation -Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine  (INSTEMA, Institute for Postgraduate Studies of Valencia)
    • Dry Needling ( INSTEMA, Institute for Postgraduate Studies of Valencia)
    • EASYFLOSSING Academy, Belgrade, 2018.
    • Manual mobilisation therapy (OSTEAS,Belgrade)
    • John Gibbons Bodymaster Method (lumbal,cervical,shoulder)-Oxford,UK
    • Temporomandibular joint disorders- Osteopathic therapy ( Temporomandibular Disorder school-Italy)
  • Sporttape level 1 ,2 – Kinesiology Taping in Sport, Combined and Advanced Taping in Sport

Lecture on the subject:

  • Diagnostics methods in manual therapy,PDE, Society of Physiotherapists of Serbia,2018.,2019.,Belgrade

Work experience:
Military Medical Academy Belgrade 2016 - 2017 (volunteer path)
Ambulance and rehabilitation "MANUAL physical therapy" Belgrade, 2017.