Marko Kulic

He finished secondary medical school "Draginja Nikšić" in Sremska Mitrovica in 2014. He completed his basic vocational studies at the College of Professional Studies in Belgrade, a professional physiotherapist. He graduated in 2017 with an average grade of 9.63. He finished specialist studies at the High Health School, direction "The field of modern manual methods and techniques in physiotherapy",Belgarde University.

Post graduate education and training:

  • EASYFLOSSING Academy, Belgrade, 2018
  • Kinematic taping KT0 (Kinetic International,Hamburg)
  • Modern Medicine Acupuncture (B.Gardasevic,Norway)
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders- Osteopathic therapy ( Temporomandibular Disorder school-Italy)

Lecture on the subject:

  • Diagnostics methods in manual therapy,PDE, Society of Physiotherapists of Serbia,2018.,2019.,Belgrade

Work experience:

Volunteer work at the Vrdnik spa in hotel "Termal" during 2013. and 2014.

Traineeship in the health center "Sremska Mitrovica" for 6 months.

Clinic for rehabilitation "MANUAL physical therapy" Belgrade, 2018.